• What is NEW

    New Identity
    We have our own political identity as Asian Americans. We share the vision of many civil rights movement that everyone should be treated equally and fairly. However, we are not automatically part of a liberal or conservative political camp. We have our own values, beliefs, and interests, according to which we will exercise our rights during an elections, or a political movement.
    Cultural Renaissance
    We, as Asian Americans, will evolve from the rich culture of Asia, overcome some disadvantages of our imagery as being passive and undecisive. We will participate in the political process actively, as a great citizen of this great nation. We will contribute and be rewarded as well as individuals in the community as the community evolves. Leaders will have more characteristics of champions who put the interests of our community ahead of themselves, working together with each other for our common cause.
    Technology Renaissance
    The information era, and the fast-growing fields of technology will enable us to make more effective and greater contributions to American society fueled by our hard work, scientific and technical expertise, and by our faith in the promise of America. We will be part of this Great society to lead, serve, and inspire.

    We are proud to be Americans; we are proud to be Asian Americans.
    • Initiatives
    • Awareness Education Initiative

      Voter Registration Initiative

      Voter Turnout Drive

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      Fundraising Initiative

      Campaign Operation Initiative

    • Leadership Training Institute

      Future Leaders Initiative

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